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our goal is to save 2 billion gallons of water per year, please join our one cup. one car. campaign as we explain how and why…

help raise awareness by sharing our campaign and we’ll save you money, while you save water.


the solution to all this wasted water is here and now

cleaning your car with a spray hose, 100 gallons

in a tunnel car wash, 38 gallons

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with Eco Green Auto Clean, 1 cup

average water use per wash (U.S. Census Bureau)

average water use per wash (U.S. Census Bureau)

Water used per wash

switch to eco green auto clean and save 60 gallons of water per wash.

plant based

Eco Green Auto Clean products are made with 100% plant-derived, bio-degradable ingredients. Therefore they not only help to save water but toxic runoff from conventional carwashes that finds its way into our rivers and oceans.

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better for your car

When you scrub a car with water and a sponge to get dirt loose, you are scratching the paint.  Our products actually embrace the dirt particles causing them to break away from the surface. The polymers in our product provide a protective layer that gives a wax finish. You can also say goodbye to water spots.

Watch the video below and see how easy we make it for you.

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one cup. one car. one planet.